I love making games.

Ever since I played Duck Hunt as a young child I have loved video games.  As a teen, I discovered the vast worlds, powerful characters, stories, and emotions that video games could present to a player and my love deepened.  Then, as an adult, I learned the about the passionate people behind the games I’ve played.  I wanted to be part of that, that’s what lead me to programming.

The ability to control something displayed on a television has always fascinated me, though I never really wondered how games worked until I was a little older.  Even after learning about graphics and engine programming I am still in awe.  However, by far my favourite part of making games is using logic to create a fun gameplay experience for players.  I find that the logic needed in programming is as fun and challenging as any game to me.

Please enjoy playing the games I’ve worked on.  They are the hard work of many individuals that love their craft.

Drop me a line if you want to collaborate or just want to chat.  If you want to learn more about me take a gander at my LinkedIn.