E3 2017

It’s been a really fun E3 to watch this year.  Two announcements that I feel like I wait for every year finally happened.  The announcement of Metroid Prime 4 and the reconfirmation of Beyond Good & Evil 2.  I freaked out during the announcement of both titles, though at the same time I couldn’t help but feel like it was a little too soon to celebrate.

Metroid Prime 4’s reveal was only a logo and a short description stating that is was the sequel to the Prime games.  It won’t even be Retro Studios working on it, though that doesn’t worry me in the slightest.  What does worry me is that the studio making the game hasn’t been announced.  I believe all that Nintendo said was that they have a hand picked team working on Prime 4.  What that tells me is that they are very early in the design phase and only have a few individuals working on concepts.  I hope I’m wrong about that of course.  I am always hopeful.

Beyond Good & Evil’s reveal was much more substantial than Prime’s, a beautiful story trailer as well as a teary-eyed Michel Ancel to present it.   You could really tell that Ancel is really passionate about the BG&E world and I hope this game really does get its chance to shine.  No gameplay footage yet, but the trailer gives the impression that it will be a very ambitious title so I can’t fault Ubisoft for not showing more just quite yet.  What impressed me was that this closed Ubisoft’s conference.  I hope the confidence they show BG&E2 at this year’s E3 is shown when the game is finally released.  I wouldn’t want the fate of the original to befall on the sequel. 😀

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