Scale and Beyond Good & Evil 2

Last post I talked about the re-reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 and how excited I was. Though I am very excited for the game, I am a little concerned that the game looks like it will be moving away stylistically and gameplay-wise from the original, but after reading a preview on IGN my concerns are allayed for the time being.  In the article, the writer got a behind closed door demo of the BG&E2’s engine in action.

In the article, the writer got a behind closed door demo of the BG&E2’s engine in action.  From what the article says Ubi is aiming for a gigantic open-world game with some RPG action elements and dynamically generated NPCs and stories.  At first, it sounds very different from the first game, but I think this was probably something that was a goal in the planning of the BG&E1.  The technical limitations of the PS2/GameCube/XBox era of consoles were probably the reason for the scaled-back Zelda style game the original game was.

In the article, a Ubisoft producer is quoted saying that a goal for the sequel is to emphasize a sense of scale.  The sense of scale is very much in line with the original game.  Moving from inside the lighthouse, to on the water, to in the air, to in space, BG&E1 was great at giving a sense of scale.  As a player, you always feel as if you are at the correct scale even though you can easily go between modes of transport.  As for the dynamically generated NPCs, the original doesn’t have those, but each NPC does have unique personalities and seem like they have stories that could be explored.

It may seem like the game is moving away from its roots, though just like Zelda did recently with Breath of the Wild, I think Ubisoft is expanding its game from a linear dungeon-based action game to a giant open-air game.  I think this is a good thing.  I loved the way Zelda changed and I hope that BG&E2 moves in a similar direction. 😎


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