Velcroid 0

An update for the GAMES MADE QUICK jam.

After the completion of the jam, I have a 3 level demo.  I had 1 more level complete, but I couldn’t get it to load, I think it has something bank switching (I’m still not too clear on how banks work).

The learning curve is steep but rewarding.  I had a lot of fun making the game, which I called ‘Velcroid 0’.  I still plan on working on the game, I want to get comfortable enough so that I can complete a game during a 12-hour jam.

So I managed to complete my goal of making a Gameboy game or at least a piece of software that can run on a Gameboy.  Most of the features I wanted to have in the game made it.  Though I had to cut some stuff because of time constraints.

I had to remove pickups that gave the player power-ups.  For some unknown reason, the collision between the objects and the player wasn’t being detected even though I was using the same type of collision as the stars and the stars work fine.  Like I said earlier, I couldn’t get the 4th level to load, so that was another obstacle.  The 4th level had new elements, breakable blocks, that I couldn’t test.  The breakable blocks probably don’t work as intended. 😛

All in all, it was a great experience and I will keep working on learning the ZGE engine.

You can try out the game here:


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