Canoe Lander

A point and click adventure. Young adult drama in space.
GENRE: Point-and-Click Adventure || PLATFORM(S): PC, MAC
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This project is a special one to me. It was the first game I worked on that was heavily story based, this is why I was trying to get into the industry to work on games like this. I met Shan Khan (the director/creator of Canoe Lander) through school, this was his post-graduate thesis project and this was a placement through one of my classes. I could have been placed with any of the post-graduate students, I was lucky to have had the chance to work on this project.

The biggest hurdle when working on this game was that we were using Adventure Creator (AC). AC is a plugin for Unity that can be purchased on the Unity Asset store that facilitates the process for making point-and-click adventures. The reason it was a hurdle was that even though I didn’t have to program any in-depth system, I had to modify systems that were made by someone else. This was the first time I had to work with an existing code base.

Luckily the creator of AC is very accessible. I massaged him often asking for help about how his system worked or how to fix errors that would appear. It was a somewhat steep learning curve, but I think I managed it well.

Since Adventure Creator only has features of traditional point-and-click adventures, when it came to making puzzles where you had to drag and drop items around I had to really dig deep to deactivate the AC systems that were in the way just so it could be done. I also had to be able to reactive everything properly once the puzzle was done.

Working on this game was the first time I felt like I had some skill to work in the games industry.

An additional note, I was able to get my sister and some of her friends to do the voices in the game. They are really great actors and without their voices, the game feels completely different. 🙂